A Patriotic Journey To Wagah Border On Inddependence Day Celebration | Alok Bhartia

Alok Bhartia | Independence day JourneyAlok Bhartia describes the 71st Independence Day celebration at Wagah Border as a spectacular display of power and patriotism. The Indian and Pakistani security forces exchanged sweets and greetings while the people of both countries waited patiently for the lowering of flags ceremony. This daily ceremony features hard marches, foot slamming maneuvers and aggressive expressions. The South Asian rivals try to intimidate each other with sudden moves and long mustaches. The sunset throws golden hues on the soldiers and the crowd. Everyone in the audience screams, cheering the men in uniform.

This practice started in 1959, which was 12 years after independence. The Pakistani pavilion, the Attari Border has the same excitement and enthusiasm as the Indian side. Both border sections are a part of the Grand Trunk Road, an ancient trade route from the Mauryan Age, connecting Chittagong to Kabul. Alok Bhartia is considering a long hike on foot…

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